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Job Security1
Work/Life Balance1
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From al — 02/21/2010

Pay is good for specialists, team leaders, executives. Not so much for cashiers, carts, etc.
Respect varies depending on your staff. However, never trust anything they tell you.
Benefits are good for full timers. easter, tgiving, xmas off. tgiving/xmas are paid holidays for everyone. new years, memorial day, 4th july, labor day, tgiving, xmas are paid for leaders. insurance is pretty good.
Job security is NADA. you could be replaced at the drop of a hat, and they know that.
Work/Life balance is what you make it. I busted it for several years to move up, but if you do that consistently, they hold you to higher expectations than your peers. they expect you to strive to do the work of the person above you or youre not showing initiative.
Career potential/growth--dont bother unless you have a degree. you can still move up, but it is rare. they can hire someone fresh from college with a degree a lot cheaper than promoting from within.
Location is awesome--targets are everywhere.
co-worker competence--depends on store.
work environment-usually clean, safety is sometimes overlooked.
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