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From Memphis, Tn. — 02/08/2010

Pay- The input of effort is definately not reflected in the amount paid. Meaning you work hard for minimum wage. Because we're a new store the salesfloor team was hired more or less around the same time. Whether you've had 20yrs of retail work experience or you're a part time 16yr old just legal to have a job- everyone was started out with the same- minimum wage. What makes it worse is that your not working in just one department. You are expected to have knowledge of the backroom, check lanes, signing, other departments, flo, etc.... You typically end up getting delegated the manager's job while they walk around avoiding work. The more you know, the more your "expected" to do. So i suggest not being inquisitive or you'll have more responsibilities without the pay increase.

Respect- There is respect. Very rarely do your fellow team members disrespect you. I have never experienced it. Naturally, the higher up the chain, the more respect they demand.

Benefits- 10% discount is a joke. Seeing as once you work there that becomes the employees main store to shop at corporate could help us out a little.

Job security- You show up on time, do your job well- you have your job.

Work/Life Balance- They work well with my schedule which has been very helpful as a college student.

Career Potential/ Growth- This May I will graduate with a B.S in Biology. I do not forsee a "promotion" even though I am very much qualified to be a "ETL" or zone manager as other places refer to it. If your hardworking, more than likely you do everything they do minus the "official" stuff. Like answering call ins, opening and closing the store etc. Ha. It's who you know in this company.

Location- More than 1700 stores and counting. If there's not a store by you, there will be.

Co-worker competence- Like I said earlier the more you know, the more responsibility you have. Some people have got this figured out and thus act incompetent so they do not have to work. The majority don't want to work and just clock in to get paid. But the 10% who do their job well is enough to hold the store together.
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