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From Shakopee, MN — 01/31/2010

Target was my first job, when I was 16 I applied and shortly after started work. I was a Backroom Team Member, which was by far the best job there, IMO. I was there for 5 years, I rated this company higher than my coworker who also worked there for several reasons. It was my first job right out of high school, so I didn't need a high paying job, I could only work so many hours a week due to being in school and a minor. So really I have no major complaints for the first few years I worked there. I met a lot of people there I still have as friends, even dated a few people from there, I loved nearly everyone I worked with. As I got older I needed a higher paying job, and there was no room to grow there, because I didn't want to become a team lead. The job itself wasn't challenging in the least, so I really got bored with it. I had it so easy there though it was unbelievable, some how I managed to get a 7 to 3:30 M-F schedule and never worked a weekend there ever (someone must have really liked me) it was 5 mins from my house, and being in the backroom I never had to deal with customers. For me it didn't even seem like work many days, more like a social gathering with my friends where we would have a good time, laugh our a**es off and still get our jobs done. The benefits they had to offer me were pretty pathetic, but at the same time I didn't need them because I was still on my parents health care plan. The discount was a sad 10% which i used for all my friends and family because they didn't even monitor it closely. Over all not a bad place to work right out of high school when you don't need money.
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