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From York, PA — 01/25/2010

I worked for Target for almost 4 years. I was hired as Flow Team (4am) and then moved to Presentation. We reset all the aisles and merchandise. When seasonal changeover happened, we were the people that did it. We were required to be able to carry at minimum 60lbs both up and down a 15foot ladder, to carry and repeated lift up to 60lbs on a non-stop basis, and to solve the physical measurement problems from the blueprints that HQ sent us to follow. We were constantly given conflicting direction. It was almost like a battle between the hourly employees (who wanted the store to look good and help customers) and the salaried employees (who had no concept of the time invovlved and were only concerned iwth pleasing their middle managment). I was lucky about my schedule(our team worked mostly Mon-Fri in order to have the best access to the helpdesk if necessary) but the pay was horrible. I was in the higest pay bracket of the store and I never even broke 8.50. We were driven like slaves, everything was always "Faster!!!" and constructive criticism of any kind was strictly forbidden. Requesting time off was difficult at best, and forget it if you were sick. You could be written up even with a doctor's excuse. Most of the management was fresh out of college with no retail experience, many with no job experience at all. Easier for coporate to manipulate that way. Benefits weren't bad, IF you could get a relatively steady amount of hours. It was a dismal experience (and not my first job, by the way) and the only thing that kept me there were my coworkers and desperate financial situation.
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