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From Bakersfield, California — 01/10/2010

I was hired at Target as a seasonal employee. They recently gave me a letter offering me a permanent position. I was one of TWO cashiers and 6 total to receive a letter after the Holiday season & everyone is now leaving slowly but surely. I have never received more than 26 hours a week with Target. I work hard for my money every day. I detail checklanes every day. Clean the bathrooms 15 minutes before my break although none of the other cashiers did. I zoned one spot cleaned carts & even swept vacuumed & wiped down countertops for food ave. I am now getting 15-17 hours a week on a rotating schedule. I honestly thought about just waiting until my 3 months were up but now I'm considering giving Target the boot. I have a job waiting for me at $14 an hour to start as a receptionist. Receiving benifits at 3 months and promotional opportunites then also. They are waiting for me to conclude 3 months with Target to start me full-time permanent. My team leads are awesome I can say that much. Closing the LODs take their sweet time to open the door for team member after we clocked out 30 minutes earlier.
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