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4.2Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Charlotte, NC — 12/21/2009

Pay - This is my first job ever and I'm making a over buck over minimum wage which is much more then I'd expected.

Respect - All of my team members have respect for each other, the team leaders/LoDs/ETLs/GSTLs treat us right, and give praise or reprimand when needed. The guests are usually nice and respectful though we do occasionally have the rude/grumpy ones, but this is to be expected working this kind of job.

Benefits - Never looked at the insurance/health packages. We get a 10% discount which imo isn't much but from my understanding most places don't offer much more. A lot of the food service areas do hold items for other team members (example: Starbucks regularly hold pastries for me so I can pick them up 9 hours later)

Job Security - No idea. So far it seems to be pretty secure though if you do your job right and work hard.

Work/Life Balance - In my section we are able to choose our hours pretty well, although when you are in your interview they do mention certain hours they are looking for over others and that does effect you being hired. They also don't like you missing a lot of work if you are only on seasonal and it will count against you for being hired long term.

Career Potential/Growth - Honestly no idea

Location - The locations here are great, there's a target every few minutes. The one I work at is 20 minutes away unfortunately however if I get hired past seasonal I can transfer. I also do l spend a lot of free time at this shopping center anyways so it's no big deal to me.

Co-Worker Competence - So far of the 7 other Team Members I've had all but two have been competent. 1 of them never does her job right and is lazy, the other quit without further notice and had similar issues. All of the others however work VERY hard, and have been very helpful. Our team leader is also very good at what she does and has shown a lot of good management skills.

Work Environment - So far the work environment has been great, and I can't think of anything further to comment on that I haven't mentioned already.
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