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From Champaign,IL — 09/11/2010

I am fairly new to this Target store. I entered as a cashier with hopes of moving out onto the floor. I have been there exactly one month and one day. So far so good. I have done my time as a cashier and now I have been offered to work in the electronics department! While it is not what I want to do with the rest of my life, I have reached a short term goal.
The team members are kick ass. They get what they need to get done, no questions asked. I believe this particular Target store is one of the few that has their stuff together. The HR manager knows what she's doing. The front end is basically a small family. Today I walked into the break room and we got showered with cookies and cupcakes. A few weeks ago we were all given pizza and subway sandwiches.
I realize that a job in retail is a means to an end. So far my college working experience with Target has been nothing short of splendid. I feel comfortable and wanted. I know in the workforce you are bound to come across people you don't care for but that is just part of life. The important thing is to know how to deal with it properly.
With much confidence I give Target a big thumbs up. All you guys out there who don't like it, transfer to my store. We will hook you up.
Stay positive. If Target isn't right for you, it's not meant to be. Good luck on your endeavors.
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