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From Southern California — 09/03/2010

I opened a new target last August. I was so excited to work at Target. Now, altho I still love working there, there are many issues that need adressing.

As many have already said, the powers that be, i.e. GSTL, ETL, etc, they all are very cliquish and don't care about anything more than meeting break times and having staff jump when they say jump.

I started in Food Ave and now after a year, I am clawing at the walls trying to get out ! My team memebers in Food Ave are exasperating enough to make Mother Theresa take up drinking !! I LOVE cashiering and working hardlines. I have told everyone, including the store manager, that I want to do those two things so what do they do?? Put one of my other team members where I want to be ...AND SHE HATES IT !!She hates being a cashier and harlines, all by her own admission ! I shout from the rooftops and I get nothing. I am working 2, 4 hour shifts a week right now, both in Food Ave and both CLOSING shifts ! GRRRRRR!!

I really like working at Target. I know that with the end of the year fast approaching, I will be where I want to be--OUT OF FOOD AVE !

Also, the pay is fine for what I do and for what I get. When reviews came up, I got more than most of my department team members. At least they got that right !! haha
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