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From Dublin, CA — 03/26/2009

Taleo is a good company to work at, in general. While their headquarters is in Dublin, CA, about half the company works out of Quebec City, Quebec and the other half from home offices around the U.S. and Europe. The pay is competitive, benefits are average (120 hours vacation per year, 401-k with a nominal match vested over something like 3 years) and co-workers, for the most part, are intelligent. The biggest issue Taleo has is the fact that, for a 900-employee company, it has a very "corporate" feel which can be stifling at times. Communication between teams is very poor and there is a lot of domain-building going on with various teams. Innovation is not highly prized as it tends to step on other team's toes. Taleo also pushes their consultants to generate as many billable ours as possible - sometimes at what seems to be the expense of the client. Like many companies, they speak with two tongues; they tell you that client satisfaction is a top priority, but then penalize you if you leave billable hours on the table or end up providing any consulting to clients without billable hours to fund it. Clients often end up feeling "nickel and dimed" for everything, which is not good for overall client satisfaction.

On the positive side, it is very nice to be able to work from home and not have to commute and the pay is pretty generous. They also have a bonus plan for consultants that is tied to the number of billable hours generated per quarter which they have kept despite the economic downturn.

Overall, Taleo is a good company with a very solid future. They produce the leading Applicant Tracking System in the market and are recognized as "thought leaders" in that area. Unfortunately, the R&D team is so hell-bent on getting new functionality to market, they are horrible with QA (quality assurance) and tend to use clients as Beta testers (without saying as much, of course).
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