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3.7Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Bloomington, IL — 12/15/2009

Hourly Pay is above average if you have a high school diploma only. For salaried employees the pay is acceptable with a bachelor's degree or higher. A person with a degree would not want to work hourly here.

Respect at this center is fine, some management staff are good, some are rude, some are pushovers, some are dictators, some fraternize, some are just there. Very similar to other healthcare facilities I've worked at.

Benefits are great if you have worked there more than 2 years... oh, and that starts January 2010.

Job Security: I have seen good people get fired and bad ones stay for years. And bad ones fired and good rewarded... no different than anywhere else.

Work/Life balance is not always good. I do rate this company low on this as they expect alot in the way of hours from staff. Many want to work 40 hours a week, those with kids or college students who must leave at certain times can write off promotions/crosstraining. When business is good, you can work as many hours as you want, I am single and love the overtime... you may not.

Career potential.... I know staff with degrees who can not seem to get promoted and have given up but stay on because the economy is such that they are stuck. They also tend to be the ones with bad attitudes and attendance issues. Go figure. I have seen those without degrees promoted and fail miserably so you can count on staying stagnant here without a degree... unless being a lead is enough for you. Plan on working as what you are hired to do for a long time unless you have a "can-do" attitude and endless energy. Volunteer to train others, beg to crosstrain, mentor new staff, whatever you can to stand out.... most importantly, befriend your boss. It works here just like everywhere else.

Location: This center is in the ghetto, as is the Peoria center, Rockford has a nice new shiny one, Champaign has one right in the middle of campus.

Co-worker competence: Most work hard to maintain quality standards and do their job without too much complaints. Some make errors over and over and they are eventually fired for it. Your competence here will be monitored and your error rate will be posted for others to see. You must be able to focus, review your work and that of others, and take responsibility for your errors.

Work environment: I read some other reviews about donor's and sexual harassment and what not. YOU have the ability to write a comment in a chart saying that you counseled a donor who made inappropriate comments, gestures, etc and that you referred that person to management. YOU can create your own paper trail and make change occur. If someone harasses you... STAND UP, BE HEARD, TELL SOMEONE. Corporate does care and they will step in if your mgr doesn't. The Bloomington center does not tolerate donors who harass, they are deferred, they are not an issue. In other centers, the donors are in control... not here.

It's not a bad place to work, it could be better, overall though it has kept me happy for awhile now and when things sucked I felt I was heard. Most ppl who complain about their workplaces sit quietly by and let it happen to them.... if you act like a doormat... you'll get walked on. Just like every other job out there.
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