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From Provo, UT — 05/22/2010

I have read some of the comments on the Provo center on here and I felt compelled to set the record straight. I have not worked there long but I have enjoyed the center. My coworkers are great and really try hard to keep the center performing at a high level. I have found the center management to be approachable and they have always tried to address issues I have brought to them. The center was recently short staffed and we were having to work long hours. The center manager flew emplyees into our center to help us out until the position was filled. I was amazed by this. I have never worked somewhere were they would actually fly someone in to help out the staff. Center management got all the positions hired in a month and we are now staffed well and the hours have gotten better (which was my complaint with work balance, I was working alot). The center management even came out and helped in the areas while we were short staffed. The people that were at our center from other centers remarked that their management NEVER has come out onto the floor.
The Quality staff is good at what they do though they can be anal at times.
My lead does not work close very often and she dissapears sometimes but she seems pretty fair and has worked here for a long time and knows her stuff.
Overall, I have been pleased with the center and I have high hopes in advancing there.
Ignore all the negative comments that have been posted about our center. All of us that our still at the center know why those people have a negative opinion of the center. It is pretty clear who they are and they were complainers when they were there and the center has been a much better place to work since they have been gone.
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