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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance1
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Kentucky — 08/06/2010

Pay- It's minimum wage. It's nice if you're a teenager and just need extra cash like I did.

Respect- I loved the shift managers. The GM was only concerned about himself. I felt like a burden because of my young age, but only from him. It was a part time job. By no means a career, but working close to 30 hours a week at 16? Come on. I have a life, family, and school. Those are my priorites.

Benefits- I didn't expect any. It was part-time.

Job Security- Don't be lazy or show up high. Those are the main ways to get axed. I saw so many people fired on the spot for showing up high. They will honestly hire anybody, but if you're not lazy or stupid enough to smoke a blunt before work you have nothing to worry about.

Work/Life Balance- WHAT A JOKE. I had to fight for time off. Like I said, I was still in school and it was difficult to get a single day off.

Career Growth- Any experience you have at the bottom of the totem pole will change your mind completely about even thinking about advancement.

Location- I lived maybe 5 minutes away.

Coworker competence- I absolutely loved my coworkers. Got along with everyone.

Work environment- Decent, but only because of my coworkers. The customers are generally very blunt and rude. But just be nice to them. It drives them crazy.
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