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From Jackson, TN — 08/22/2008

I read all of these horrible comments about Taco Bell, and I couldn't believe it!!!! Until I realized that they all have one thing in common: crappy work environments are due to crappy managers. I am a General Manager for Taco Bell, and while I know that I would get paid more at a corporate store (I work franchise), I love and respect my crew, and they reciprocate. Starting pay is definitely not where it should be, but that comes from the amount of money you have to put into bust employees who think that a fast-food job isn't real work. My crew gets fair pay, 30 minute breaks if they work over 5 hours, and they can work as many hours as they want to (no OT, though) as long as they do the job. It definitely has its flaws, but I can say for sure that sticking with the company has landed me a position that I'll equate to any of my college graduate friends in terms of overall pay and job-satisfaction. It's all about what you make it.
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