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From Jacksonville, Fl — 09/30/2009

Working here to me is not as bad as the 1st review says it is and that's just me. Pay is not that bad I'm getting more then I've gotten at other center's and your pay is based on your education. I have everything to be getting paid at least 11 an hour and now working on my A.S. degree. You also get a raise after 6 months of working there with showing that you can prove yourself. Benefits I didn't really mind since I already have insurance and my insurance provider is the same as they provide which is Blue Cross & Blue Sheild. I have been given nothing but respect from empolyees and staff. They are very nice and cheery. Work environment is kept clean. We have teacher we can't stop cleaning sometimes. And i'm pretty secure in my job. I am confident that I will achieve and that is what makes me great at what I do. I make the job, the job doesn't make me. And for the location, its great for me since i'm only 10 mins. away. By the way I don't get help from anyone and been out on my own since I was 18 and is now 22. I am single and live on my own and my income gets the job done. I'm very happy here and plan to be here until I can build and own my owen preschool.
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