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From Owings Mills, MD — 07/18/2009

I worked in the Retirement Plan Services division upon graduating from college in 2005. Starting pay: $29,000 (when I departed T.Rowe after 4 months, they had boosted the salary to $30,000 so as to attract more candidates). Please keep in mind the recruits for this position were from respectable schools such as Univ. Maryland, U-Delaware, Penn State, etc. Friends in more desirable divisions make around $44,000. It was my understanding that by the time you reach age 40 you might be making $60,000 unless, of course, you are recruited from a top-notch business school (such as UVA's Darden School) and work in as an investment analyst downtown. Rank and file employees have virtually no chance of reaching this level. Bottom line: company has a great reputation, nice facilities, decent benefits, but pay is lousy and future prospects are grim. Looks good on a resume - if you get offered a job, take it, but spend lunch looking for other jobs.
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