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From Colorado Springs, CO — 02/29/2008

For an entry level investment position, I would highly recommend T. Rowe Price. This company is top-notch when it comes to benefits, training, job security, and work environment. When I got out of college, T. Rowe was my first employer. I received a BA degree in something completely unrelated to the investment world but they brought me in, trained me, and had me start in a call-center. I wasn't thrilled by the environment but you have to start somewhere. They started pushing me through the FINRA licenses that one must have if he/she wants to go anywhere in the investment industry. I received four licenses before I left TRP. These licenses will help you get a job if TRP doesn't work out. Get the licenses!!! The reason I left was simply because of pay. Some people find other benefits more important but being as young as I am, I consider pay to trump other benefits. For just getting out of college, the pay was good. Once I received the licenses (6,63,7,66), I started doing some research and found that a lot more money can be made in this industry. But if pay is secondary, I couldn't recommend a better company. If TRP is offering a job, and you are ok with the pay, this company is somewhere you could call home.
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