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From Bend, OR work in Redmond, OR — 05/11/2010

I don't think I'm particular one of the "lucky ones" but perhaps being a bid older gives me a different perspective. I have seen a LOT of changes in my 6 years with the company, some better than others. There is always a lack of sufficiently trained or qualified personnel in leadership role at times. You get out of this job what you put into it! I am blessed to have an EXCELLENT coach whom I have worked with since we were rep's together in the same team. I way quite content being a general CSR and was urged to promote to CLT. I did not want to step out of my comfort box until finally I was THROWN out - and I still thank the Coach and Senior who did that. My career growth has been what I have wanted it to be, the opportunities are there for me if I choose to take them. Realignment? Hey, it stinks, but it's part of the process. You can complain or roll with the punched and make the best of it. BADGE YOUR PROBLEMS AND ISSUES AT THE DOOR when you come in. Pay? For my area, which has the highest unemployment rate in the STATE, it's great. Benefits? Add in the insurance benefits you get and that ups your pay by a good $500 to $600/month. I look forward to going to work EVERY SINGLE DAY. When my personal life hit a major crisis, the company was RIGHT THERE for me, offering whatever help I needed, including a transfer if that was necessary. My work slumped and my Coach and TM NEVER gave up on me. They could just as easily have promoted me to customer. Their belief helped me to get back on track and excel. NO JOB is perfect, but it's only going to be as good as YOU make it. I'm a proud happy employee and plan to be until I retire.....if I ever do. Quit whining and give it your 150%! If you don't like it, then get the hell out! There are 100 unemployed people outside the door who would love to have your pay and benefits.
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