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From Philadelphia PA — 10/04/2010

Lets say this. I worked for T-Mobile for 6 years. started as a sales rep and moved up in ranks to Store manager.
I started in a city (I wont name) and T-Mobile paid for me to relocate. Everyone that is a store manager with t-mobile knows that they dont pay for relocation for the store manager lever. But they did for me. I guess I was good. For reasons I wish not to disclose I had to move back to the city I transfered from. It wasnt a problem because I had to sign a 1year contract in the new city. Again regular store managers @ t-mobile probably have no idea what I'm talking about because they dont do that. When going back to the original city I was not offer employment even tough there was a decent number of openings. THEY WERE MAD I TRANSFERED OUT. I had won every award they have. several winner circles from a rep all the way to manager and even the PEAK award which is the highest award that can be won. I was told they hired people with more experience. I guess from the outside, but wait, they promote internal promotions, I wasn't even being promoted, It was a lateral move so tell me, I never been wrote up or in trouble, my numbers always out performed 90% of managers nation wide, won every award, was always in good standing, t-mobile thought i was good enough to pay for relocation, even though not policy, was referred by by my market manager for a market manager position, but yet not offered a store manager spot... I was even told they they dont have a transfer policy but I had to get an internal transfer form filled out by my market manager.... WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE TO YOU......
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