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From Nashville Tennessee — 09/30/2010

I have not begun my job with T-Mobile yet so some of my answers are listed at 0, meaning I am indifferent. However, I wanted to chime in based on my 15 years of Customer Service 10 of which have been in the cellular world. I have read a large percentage of the comments and am a bit disturbed. Not because I believe them to be true but I believe they are bias. Just simply based on personal perspective with what seems like a healthy dose of bitter thrown in.

I have worked for Verizon, Sprint, ATT (Cingular) and now will work for T-mobile.
What I know about T-Mobile thus far.

1. The interview process was well thought out, intelligent and pertinent to the job requirements. (Based on my experience working customer service)
2. They have the same attendance requirements as ALL the other call centers I have worked for. (These attendance requirements are NECESSARY- If one person doesn't show up for work or is late the job YOU should have been doing falls to the shoulder of the others who were to work on time- which also makes it difficult to provide the stellar customer service T-Mobile is known for- Read your cellular news. Hats off T-mobile for the JD Powers award for overall customer satisfaction.
3. There benefits are comparable to the rest of the industry and THEN some. This tells me they take care of their own.
4. When I was brought in for my interview, I was sat with a representative for 1 hour. Not with a seasoned rep who was a top performer who had just been awarded a large bonus. I was placed with a lady who had been with T-Mobile for around 4 months. Granted, she was new and the likelihood of her having a lot of negative feedback was slim, however in her short time with T-Mobile she spoke about Pajama Day, Waffles made by Managers and her overall great impression thus far. It wasn't her enthusiasm that impressed me though it was the content of her comments. A company that has fun with its employees creates an environment that makes the bad days better and the good dayís great, Less stress and an overall sense of camaraderie.

Off the cuff- Customer Service isn't for everyone. You do have to deal with frustrated customers and generally unpleasant people, thatís why call centers have a personality profile before you are ever hired; it takes a certain personality to work this job. I have found in my experience of working customer service & retention that it takes two ingredients- Listen and don't take it personal. So, that being said I feel some of the comments were made because the job wasn't a right fit. Thatís okay- Not everyone is a salesmen, doctor or farmer.

I feel there is a general consensus that Customer Service is EASY..its just talking on the phone. NO it is not just talking on the phone folks, mix in Cellular or any Technical field there is a lot to learn and the industry is changing daily so itís hard to keep up unless your dedicated to the job your performing. If you just want to answer the phone, talk, then hang up- be a receptionist.

I am not calling anyone a liar or even insinuating there is an abundance of over-exaggeration. What I am saying is I feel often (and I have been guilty of this) we don't thoroughly take the time to know what our companies expectations are and therefore react poorly when the company hold us to those expectations and requirements. Secondly, to those who feel that HR treated them unfairly, I cannot comment on this as I have never had in 15 years in customer service an HR department or corporation handle me outside of the bounds they were legally held too.

I will chime in again in several months to keep you posted on my OPINION of T-Mobile.

Today I give them 2 thumbs up and am VERY excited to begin my new relationship with the JD Powers Winner! Thank you T-Mobile for having me I look forward to being an asset.
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