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From Oakland, ME — 08/10/2010

I've seen some reviews where people accuse those who complain about T-Mobile as slackers, but in most cases that is not true. I don't think there is a perfect workplace anywhere. I quit after two years.

You need to have a thick skin because you will deal with customers who blame T-Mobile(and you) for everything - from their phone not working to their inability to pay their cell phone bill. While customer service is about making the customer the priority, it can be demoralizing. The last year I was there I was miserable.

During my two years there, managers were reluctant to take supervisor calls. When dealing with difficult customers, they would repeatedly tell you to negotiate with them, but when they eventually did take the call, they more often than not gave the customer whatever they wanted.

There wasn't a consistancy. If a supervisor gave you incorrect information, you would take the hit if the call had been monitored. You would get dinged if your call times were too long - even if you went above and beyond to help your customer.

It is a very competitive environment - between individuals and teams. If you have a bad score and it costs your team their ranking, it can get uncomfortable for that person who tanked the team. A manager actually encouraged our team to apologize to the rest of team if you got a bad score, which I found to be rather demeaning.

As long as you are funny and silly and have a grand old time with a customer, chances you are going to get a good score - even if you give the customer incorrect information.
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