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From USA — 03/21/2010

I keep hearing from management how lucky I am to have a job and that basically anyone could do it. I agree completely, I am lucky to have a job. ANYONE could do it. Not anyone would want to. I've chosen not to concern myself with the politics at work or the gossip. I have been in team meatings (spello intentional) where we discussed someones breasts for an hour. Meanwhile backrubs and foot rubs where given. I shrugged it off. I'm not pretty enough to have to worry about being involved. For that, I am greatful.
The stress level can be high. I've been plagued with log in issues for over a year. This means while an upset customer asks me a question while making it clear he wanted the answer yesterday, I pull up my "Tools" and get a log in error, a blank screen or if I'm really lucky the entire thing just crashes. I notified my "leadership" and they responded by letting me know my talk time is too high. I am meeting business expectations so I lowered my standards and istead of using Tmobile's system, I Google and Pray.

This is a good job while you look for a job or go to school. I just do what I do and treat my customers like kings. IMO they're my focus and everything else is just silly. I smile and nod when asked how its going because complaining is the quickest way to get fired.
I'll be blunt I'm here for the money. I love my family and I do my best with whatever I get but its not the type of job you want to do for life. But be real, Health care & groceries are a good thing.
Sometimes this job makes me long for my days at KFC working the register. That's usually when I take a day off. Because I can, vacation bennies are decent. I learned the art of taking a deep breath to refocus my energy on the person on the end of the phone. I'm not going into therapy because I work in the loony bin but I've done worse for less money. Overall, I figure by the time I am done here I could apply as a spiritual guru I'm so zen. And Nope I'm not medicated, they taught me all this stuff in training.
I don't hate my job but there isn't a Pink T at the end of this tunnel.
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