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From Colorado Springs, CO — 03/10/2010

I worked at T-Mobile for over two years and most of it was bearable. The reason I stuck around for so long was the pay and benefits mostly. I recently quit of my free will and wanted to make a point of reviewing the company.

PAY: Starting out the pay was good. Especially compared to where I was working previously. We were guaranteed 40 hours a week and that was great. Unfortunately when I started I was too late to take advantage of the yearly raise. Shy of two weeks I think. They skipped raises in 2009 due to the economy and when we recieved raises in 2010 employees that had recently started and were performing lower than me recieved larger raises. Thanks for helping out with cost of living/inflation issues corporate. They also recently phased out quarterly bonuses. I guess we could only have one or the other.
RESPECT: In most cases, I felt respected by my co-workers and supervisors. One of the reasons I left the company was that I was very disrespected by my most recent coach and senior supervisors. They showed extreme favoritism and no desire to help develop me to what I wanted to become with the company. They made me feel that I had hit the ceiling and therefore lost my desire to succeed. Don't get me wrong, I can take accountability for my own actions, but after they had developed me for 6 months they basically dropped me like a bad habit. Right before I left I did change immediate supervisors and my new ones seemed great, unfortunately I had already made up my mind.
BENEFITS: The benefits were amazing. The coverage was almost what my parents were getting with the companies they have been with for decades. They cover medical, dental and vision and have flexible spending accounts and daycare reimbursment. They also have 401k and life insurance benefits. I do not have any complaints as they covered me through a lot of issues. In fact I am still covered through the end of the last month I worked which is above and beyond in my opinion.
JOB SECURITY: Some co-workers were under the impression that we were going to have layoffs. I never felt this pressure from the company. We were constantly reassured by the center manager that our jobs were never in jeopardy. In fact, they are constantly hiring and pushing through new hire classes. The only way one would feel insecure in their job would be if they were being rude to customers or avoiding calls. Even in these cases, T-Mobile gave them multiple chances to redeem themselves and were generally wanting you to keep your job.
WORK/LIFE BALANCE: One of the big things that T-Mobile tries to accomplish is a good work/life balance. It is something they try to make seem like something you can have. This is not really the case. If you are a full time entry level employee you accrue about 5 hours every two weeks in PTO. If you don't call in to work often, this will grow fast and you can take a week long vacation about every 16 weeks. Honestly, I haven't worked anywhere else that offered this so I do not know how that really compares to other places, but I didn't need to leave work on vacation much so most of the time, while planning far ahead, this was not an issue. Now if you called in EVER they would take out of the hours you have earned. Not only that but it would also hurt a statistic that is important called absenteeism. So you get a double whammy if you ever need to call in.
CARER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: They generally promote from within which is good since everyone from any experience level generally starts at level one. The only issue is if your immediate supervisors do not want to develop you, you don't have a shot to actually get anywhere. I expressed interest from day one in moving up because I did not want to be on the phones forever. Finally at my 3rd supervisor some interest was shown and I was able to work in a higher position along side my then current sup. This was the same one that lost interest 6 months later. So try to brown nose a bit and have good stats and more than likely you will be successful. Hopefully most people will not have the same issues I did.
LOCATION: The location was fine, fairly easy to get to. It was in a nice area and I never felt insecure.
CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: In general I loved my co-workers. The ones I worked directly with and saw daily were mostly sane and easy to deal with. Of course there are always some crazies and some people that are extremely high mainenance but they are everywhere. The people in other departments on the other hand tended to either not have any clue what was going on or not want to work with us at all. Being in technical support we had to communicate with both lower and higher tiers of support. Lots of the lower ones were outsourced and so they hardly spoke english, which is understandable but infuriated customers and frustrated us. Higher tiers were generally pricks. They did not enjoy helping our tier, who worked more directly with customers and issues, but liked to nit-pick our submissions for help from them. More than once I had to try and explain why they needed some completely non-related minute portion of data to the frustrated customer all while ensuring that they would eventually show some form of desire to help our paying customer. As for the supervisors, I have already stated that opinion.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: The environment was fine. Fairly low key and laid back. One larger issue I realized I should have had was a promise that our out of date building was going to be semi-remodeled. This was supposed to happen in 2009. We heard towards the end of the year that this was not going to happen for a while and all we would get were some new hard chairs that caused back problems for many co-workers. If we broke a promise to this degree on a call we would be put on some form of final warning, but not our managers.

In general, T-Mobile was not a bad company to work for. There is just no way I could stay forever,
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