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From Orange, CA — 01/20/2010

I originally applied for a Assistant Manager position since my previous job (before my company did a huge lay off) was an Account Executive with my experience in sales over 15 years. I was told my the Market Manager Lisa Ton who covered the Orange County, CA area that I did not have enough "Retail" experience and that she felt more comfortable placing me in a Sales Position. A little background on her she formerly worked at Forever 21 as a Sales girl and moved her way up to manager which she did the same at T Mobile. I was placed at the Tustin and Orange store and worked under Manny Martinez and Christine the Assistant Manager. Nice people but I could never do it again! Full Time is really part time if you ask me and the hours of course since its retail were not pleasant. I managed to keep up my quota and win all contest involving actual sales goals and not raffles (which I seemed to never win). Right before I had left to a job more suitable for my background I had won another sales contest involving a Black Berry. Thatís when my real issues with the shady business there began. The phones are delivered to the store US mail in a single box with your name on it. Not T-mobile, Not the store manager or anyone else. I happen to leave about a week before my phone was delivered and when I called to find out when I could pick up my prize I had earned they said once you leave it is our property to be used in raffle prizes or to do what we want. I called Black Berry and they said it is in fact my phone and I have in writing from several higher ups there along with the BB representative from T Mobile that it does belong to me. The store manager Manny was not budging. It was his and Lisa Ton never returned any of my emails or calls on this. Oh well no use crying over old news. Either way its a fun job if you work with the right people. The commission and training is good, but sometimes it could be overwhelming when it was busy and excruciating when it was slow. Good job for high school kids but for people with office backgrounds and sales experience I would aim higher. Oh and make sure you stay until your prizes are actually in your hand. If not you can kiss them good bye.
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