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From Springfield, MO — 10/20/2010

T-Mobile isn't a bad company to work for, at least in the call center. Pay is better than many retail positions, and the benefits are good--health insurance is very affordable, you sometimes have the ability to do 4 (10 hour days) day work weeks, and gain 5 hours of vacation time every two weeks.

Make no mistake about it, though, it's a VERY high stress environment. It's a very busy & fast-paced workplace, and every single thing you do is measured with a statistic and reviewed constantly. To give you an example of things you're measured on, it's the total time it takes you to resolve a call, how often you put them on hold, how often you transfer them, how often you sell them additional services, how closely you adhere to break & lunch times (which can sometimes be difficult depending on the length of calls), how happy you make your customer (customer surveys), overall quality of your phone calls (scored by supervisors), attendance....I'm sure I'm probably forgetting a few of these. And when I say you're constantly reviewed on these things, here is an many as TEN emails per day measuring your performance. Hopefully you have no qualms about every aspect of your performance being broadcasted to others, because it will be in these constant group emails. And as you might expect, if you've previously worked in call centers, be prepared to be yelled at, cursed at, insulted, and have your overall patience tried numerous times every single day. Basically if you tell the customer the facts and review/advise them of a situation, even when they're wrong (which is quite often the case), they're going to scream at you and often ask to speak to your supervisor. And again, if you have a lot of these "escalation" situations, you will also be critiqued/advised/reprimanded for this, as well.

I'm thankful to have a job and T-Mobile is far from the worst company out there. But the call center industry is a rough business (I was told call centers generally have about 60% turnover and that T-Mobile's is around 42%, in an interview) and a hard job to enjoy.
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