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From Woburn, MA — 08/24/2010

Pros: The people i work with are for the most part really awesome. A few of the managers make working there not so bad. It isn't hard work and it's easy to pick up on quickly. I like wearing a walkie. They will never make you work more than 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Cons: pay is awful. i feel like i work hard and have nothing to show for it. i'm glad i don't have regular bills to pay otherwise i'd be in way more debt than i already am. once i have to start paying off my student loans, i might need to start looking for a new job. the customers are savages! "oh hey, this shoe looks like it belongs on the floor and not on the shelf where i found it." "oh wow, let me just leave this huge pile of purses that i thought i wanted in with the men's shirts because that seems about right"....most of the managers are really nice but there's always one that will drive you nuts. CARDS CARDS CARDS. that is all this company cares about. HELLO? ITS CALLED A RECESSION. nobody wants a credit card unless they want to be in debt. it's annoying as hell. also, i shouldnt feel guilty when i want to ask for time off. although they are usually very accommodating, i am always a little panicked when i go in and fill out the sheet. THEY WON'T LET YOU WORK MORE THAN 5 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES. really? just because you dont want to give me a lunch break? i need money too. there are so many people that work here yet there are never enough people working at once! how is that possible?? I guess i could go on but i think everything has already been said before.

here's to the future.
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