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From Mountain View, CA — 12/05/2009

I work for the former Veritas Software company, and, we are lost in the shuffle here at Symantec. Symantec upper management attempts to treat all of it's acquisitions as one company, but, that is not the case. There is a huge difference between Veritas Software and other Symantec products, and we cannot be brought under the same umbrella. This fact does not discourage upper management from making painful social engineering videos teaching us how to talk about ourselves(as if anyone asks).

The pay is something you'd better negotiate really well on initial hire , because raises are only promises of "maybe next year" at this point. There is also no bonus structure worth mentioning. Symantec uppermanagement seems to think giving it's employee's "atta-boy" emails makes up for this. Very lame.

There are no chances to advance, and employees in my division are considered expendable, which explains the brain-drain that plagues this company every time hiring picks up in our industry.

There are good parts, it's a very interesting work, and you have a chance to refine skills that cannot be learned elsewhere.

Low-level management infighting plagues our company though, and it's worsened since being eaten by Symantec. I would not recommend SYMC as a place to work, except as a last resort.
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