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3.9Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From ambler,pa — 05/07/2009

Pay: i give this low score because i know other retailors pay more the union acts like they give us living wage jobs but the propaganda is believeable wish i never bought into it i dont believe them anymore

Respect: among customers and coworkers it was decent many picky custumers making it stressful

Benefits: blue cross blue shield cant get much better than that and 10% discount sometimes employee only coupons where nice too even benfits to parttime

Job Security: iam no longer employed by supervalu they shut down our store with out the union contract aproved rate of 20 days this company could careless about the only grocery store in town closing they claim to be a small town gorcery store but they shut it down anyway it fit the bussiness model they said they had

Work/Life Balance: i could go to school and work only problem was had to work holidays and lots of weekends wouldnt know if you were working the sunday until the friday before paid weekly was sweet and 2 weeks vacation after 3 years not bad for part time job

Career Potential/Growth: ive seen many people move up in the company and get fired i saw 5 people get fired at one time

Location: really close to home could walk there if needed but no longer there when they closed they wanted me to go to the city in a bad neighborhood

Co-worker Competence: varied from worker to worker most were seeking college education if they were younger but if they were older more career ortainted they were

Work Environment: its repetive and boring but it depends if the regulars come in and cheers you up and your co workers can be quite funny i miss my job i hope to find another small store to work at that way the work life balance is there
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