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Job Security3
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From oh — 01/28/2009

I used to work for a subsidiary/sister co. of supervalu. Many locations have since been sold to dollar tree. The pay was great when you consider the benefits had as a full timer. Raises every six months, until the freezing of pay with an alternative to small raises every six months.

Like everywhere else if they liked you and you worked hard you had job security. Same with career growth.

I had a pretty set schedule working full time, even though I was willing to work days and hours other people were not. I was happy to be flexible for my manager. I was still able to go to school full time and work full time.

I literally lived two minutes from where I worked. No complaints there.

Co-workers; as with any place this varies. Some very hard working and understandable, others just manipulators. What kills me is when management knows whats going on and does nothing about it; but I guess that's everywhere.

Overall the work environment was good. Short of the mice problem we had for a while, it wasn't too bad. The cleanliness of the store depended on how much the workers actually cared as opposed to just doing a job to get paid (which I did work with a few of those). Over a term of almost 4 years there was 3 different district managers, and two different store managers.
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