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From Orlando — 05/16/2010

Continued Part 2

If you have a Job these days you should be glad, because are one of the "Lucky Ones"....
The building is located to far away from anywhere you would walk to, in and industrial area.

Job Security-
Having been with the Bank for so long I have seen other employees come in to work everyday, and then suddenly not be there any more. Then we are told by our Coaches (Supervisors) and Mangers that if we ask, talk or discuss it, then your are next, so to speak.
You'll often find out that the situation is something that could of be avoided with a "Little" understanding from "Management", but SunTrust Management only views you as a cog in "Their Machine" NOT a valued member of the work force; they can and will replace you, no matter what!
I have only witnessed one situation where a staff members had been fired, and it was all his fault, and that was a Supervisor who had slept with "several" of his own staff members.
Other than that there is no Job Security.

Co-worker Competence:
You're only as competent as the training you receive.
If you are in a situation where you don't have an answer and you need to know now, and you direct the question to Coach or a Manager, and they in-turn tell you to look it up (in best practices), then that is note a form of train, and you WILL go back with the wrong answer.
You may notice that Suntrust has Banks in lower income areas, this not because they are doing their part for the community (like they advertise), but because people with lower incomes overdraw their account more and can be CHARGED MORE FEES.
SunTrust calls itself a "Conservative Lender", which mean they will not give Loans or Mortgages to their clients in these lower income areas, only to people with high credit scores.
If you're looking to work for a company that treats you like a grown up, and understands that you may have outside interests like "A Family"; This is not the place for you.
You will get NO RESPECT, from Suntrust a Company, or from it's Management.
There is NO JOB SECURITY, they will replace you (Cos they can)
I hope that this is read by Suntrust Management.
You can catch more flies with Honey than with Vinegar.
If you treat you employees with some respect.....
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