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From Richmond, VA — 12/27/2008

I've been an employee with SunTrust Bank for over 8 years and can say I am very happy with my job. I'm in the Richmond Operations center, which while outdated is certainly adequate. Pay is weak but from what I hear in line with many bank jobs. I have a wonderful boss who is highly respectful as long as you play by the rules. The benefits are fine- now is a tough time for company matched stock but is to be expected. Considering the niche my job is, I feel somewhat secure even though other areas are being outsourced. So far they have been respectful of my work/life balance, but I am exempt so it's expected that I'll probably put in at least a few extra hours each week. As for career potential, I'd have to say it's very high *IF* you play your cards right. If you do something specialized, they'll basically put you in charge of it. I've received three promotions in the past 18 months. I live 2.5 miles from work so no complaints there. My coworkers seem competent enough, but their computer skills are weak.

The good work environment and I have mostly friendly coworkers.. just keep my distance from the crabby ones. I have to say that the bank has treated me pretty well. My advice to others- get a degree and get out of the teller line. You'll be much happier.
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