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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth2
Work Environment5

From New York, NY — 01/24/2008

Ok, so while I agree that some of the other reviewers make valid points (ie. managers who know nothing, politics, etc..) I have to say that I think Sun is a great place to work. Compared to other companies, the benefits are fantastic, the pay is ok and the work environment (especially work from home options) is superior. The company culture is a bit stodgy even with our pony-tailed Jonathon at the helm. The biggest downsides for me are 1) Career growth is limited unless you want to move to the Bay area (which I don't) and while development plans are somewhat encouraged follow-through is sometimes lacking. You really have to own your own career path and drive it. 2) I used to work at a company where I felt like I was the dumbest one there and I loved that. I don't feel that way here. Also, I think grammar & spelling have gone out the window. Maybe this is everyone but I certainly don't see the work ethic here that I've seen at other places. But to reiterate what others have said, if you want flexible hours, eat benefits, tuition reimbursement, work-from-home options, decent vacation, health club reimbursement, lactation rooms, etc... there's no place better.
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