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From Ohio — 07/02/2010

Pay: Can't complain. I was hired at minimum wage in early 2006. Although I only make 8% more than the current state minimum wage, my hourly rate has increased 55% percent since I began working there. Although this was a mix between merit raises and mandated minimum wage increases, please realize that forced wage increases greatly affect the ability of small business owners to reward their employees through pay. This is especially true considering how net sales have been affected since the introduction of the tiered menu prices (which reduced the price of most of our items offered for sale).

Work/Life Balance: We all make our own schedule. Request Offs are always granted if placed before the schedule is posted.

Respect: Coworkers respect each other greatly. Some of the Field Consultants are a bit out of touch with the real world and may sound like a broken record reciting the dictionary, but as long as the on duty person in charge really knows the operational procedures, they'll be able to utilize the few 'sh*t happens' clauses to smooth things over.

Career Potential/Growth: If the owner only operates a few franchises, store manager is as high as you're going to get because the owner can handle a majority of their 'empires' load. Once an owner operates around 8+ stores, they may need general managers, etc. Ask about career growth during your interview and don't expect anything more than what they offer.

Benefits: None offered when I began they still aren't. I got what I expected. We do receive pay bonuses for going out of our way to help the store, completing optional training programs, and store 'parties' when we ace evaluations.

Location: 10 minutes away from my home.

Job Security: Show up on time, don't call off with short notice unless it is a true emergency, work to your fullest potential, and you'll be fine. Hours may be reduced across the board in the winter months, but as long as you show you can't be easily replaced next spring with someone new, you will be retained

Co-worker Competence: You'll get your occasional idiot in any entry level job. If their unable to live up to the examples their coworkers create, they'll eventually be let go. If the examples are poor.. well, it'll be a never ending cycle.

Work Environment: The customers will really test your patience. Just remember that your job is to get people in and out as fast as possible with a product you would be willing to pay for yourself. Don't try to educate them, don't try to one up them, don't try to prove yourself to them.
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