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From Michigan — 05/17/2010

I worked for 5 different Subways all under the same owner. I've been there for just over a year and i already make $10 an hour. While at the same time I'm going to college and living my life. I don't plan on being there for very long but thats only because I'm almost done with college. If anything working under my owner has been nothing but fun. He's a nice guy and he's very fair.I can work at any store i want to which helps cause I'm only a few min away from two stores. I only have a problem with a few of his employees but thats not really a big deal cause they're just a bunch of morons. We get yearly raises based on how we work for the previous year. The best part is you can get all the hours you want. In one week i worked over 60 hours just to save some money up for a trip. One problem I have is that you can almost never call off of work cause you have to find someone to cover your shift which could be damn near to impossible cause no one ever wants to work on their day off. I've gone to work so sick that i couldn't really move and actually had to have the manager work for me. (She really didn't like it but she did anyways) Overall its a fun job and a lot of fun. Its good to work at if your going to college.
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