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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Montana — 09/13/2010

Pay: Decent for what it was. College students started around $7. I was at $8.25 when I left after two years. I noticed that raises were only given when requested (via text to the owner) or through mandatory minimum wage changes. Tips were minuscule, but splitting $20 with your coworkers and having cash in your pocket is better than nothing. I feel that for the amount of independence we had, and sometimes the backbreaking work (truck day), we should have been paid a lot more.

Respect: From managers, not too bad. We communicated mostly through text messages and phones and the responded best they could. Whenever we weren't ignored, I think we felt ok with the level of respect we were granted. I rarely felt ridiculed or stupid from management. They pitched in when they were around and needed.

Benefits: Obviously, no medical care, but we had pretty free access to food on shift and on the way home, which, once again, is better than nothing. I stole a lot.

Job Security: I very rarely felt like my job was at stake. Sometimes, rumors were going around that someone was close to getting canned, but pretty much, if you did you came to work, didn't bother your coworkers enough to make them complain about you, and didn't steal hundreds of dollars, you were golden.

Work/Life Balance: Requests for time off were almost always honored. Switching with coworkers was easy. With a lot of coworkers from co-owned stores, there was a big pool of people to ask for favors from. When slow toward the end of a shift, you could usually leave without management's permission if your coworkers didn't mind. Shifts were pretty flexible, but you often stayed either on day or night shifts, so once on that weekend/closer shift, don't expect to get out.

Career Potential/Growth: Not much. If you stay long enough, you can get small raises and responsibilities (burdens), but the whole time I was there, no one got any higher than entry level crew person. But that's what you'd expect from this job. My main complaint was that it was hard to get full-time hours. I asked for full time hours just to make rent, and I rarely got more than 35 hours. Great for part time students, but really hard to make a living.

Location: Great. I could drive, walk, bike or bus to work. Busy street, nice regulars, building a bit dirty but whatever. My owner had a total of 3 locations, and I was able to access all of them easily when asked to work at other stores.

Co-workers: Mostly great. Always a few people who have lazy days where they just sit and complain. The store I worked at was full of college-age students who'd worked there for months so far, so they knew what to do and generally did it. I made a lot of friends at Subway. The "lifers" were the older people who didn't fit in the college-student age range and were picky.... but since they were lifers, they did the work in case you were willing to piss them off and let them do it all.

Work Environment: Except for constantly broken machinery and the smell and heavy bags of trash and always standing, just fine.

Obviously, I had a good experience at this job and kept it for 2 years. I was just about done of dealing with customers, running out of bread, and the BOREDOM by the time I left. I would still be there if I hadn't gotten another job.
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