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From westborough ma — 01/18/2009

I worked part-time for Stop and Shop as a cashier/bagger, sometimes facing aisles, et cetera. The pay was terrible, but it isn't brain surgery so I cannot complain about that. The problem was I already worked a full-time job and was just too tired to commit to 5-11 pm 4 nights per week on top of my day job. The manager and other cashiers were very friendly and all were competent--they were very kind and understanding when I advised them I was sorry I just couldn't do it. I would say the only drawback was dealing with the occasional snotty customer. While most people are courteous and receptive to courtesy, there are a few who really make it hard to be pleasant because they are so obnoxious. The location was ideal, not five minutes from my day job. I still shop at this Stop and Shop and the one in the town where I live. I think they are a good store.
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