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3.6Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Dorchester, MA — 11/20/2008

This was my first real job working part time as a bagger during high school. the pay pretty much minimum wage but then again what do you expect when your just starting in the work force with little to none experience. for the most part my managers repected me, pretty much due to the fact they were around or close to my age. didnt really have any benefits because i was a part timer. job security was actually good. you would have to have done something really outrageous in order to be fired. work life was good also. i pretty much had a set schedule every week. working 3-4 days a week on the selected days i chose. it was very rare that they would call me on my day off to come in. they did on a lot of occasions asked me if i could stay till closing. career growth wasnt really possible because higher up positions were all ways full. the location was a bit out of the way. i usually always was dropped off and never took the bus there due to there only being one bus that drops you off there and it never really ran on time. as for the neighborhood, it was in a good neighborhood. so rarely we would get some weirdos. co-worker competence was good due to the fact that most people that worked there was still in school. the work environment was great. co-workers were fun to be around and management was pretty laid back on what we could and couldnt do. letting a lot of things slide. overall it was a great first job to start with. the only bad thing is that your on your feet for the entire shift. it was an exhausting job but i had fun doing it and didnt mind doing it.
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