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From Hinsdale, IL — 05/22/2010

I do not currently work at Starbucks, but I did many moons ago as a high school student. This is an excellent job to learn customer service, and the pay is very good for a high school kid (back in the day it was $6.50 / hr plus tips). The tips were nice in my area because I worked in an affluent area. It had its drawbacks though. Food service ultimately involves being very strict with health codes, and you can't slip up. Espresso drinks are made was boiling hot water, so you will get burnt hands and smell of coffee every day.

The upshot is, if you are a regular full time employee and display good leadership skills, they may scout you for management. It's more competitive now I would assume since they've been closing stores, but as I said, I don't know since I don't work there nor have I in a while.

This job will give you the introductory skills needed for customer service jobs. It will also teach you how to make your favorites so that you can try it at home. You also get free drinks on the job (within reason) and you also get free coffee beans and other perks.

The downsides are: sometimes really stressful situations, be aware of people who may be allergic to the ingredients, and dealing with oblivious people, and people who steal others' drinks or gulp theirs down and claim you never served them.

I would highly recommend this job to any high school student, at the very least, to experience what customer service is like. I also would recommend it to any adults between jobs who may want to be in charge of their own store one day, it's a great shoe-in, and may open up the possibilities into other parts of the business.
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