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From Burien, WA — 03/01/2010

Overall, this is a good company to work for and it looks great on your resume! Having been out of the company for five years, I have had many interviews where the interviewers were impressed that I worked for Starbucks. Starbucks is one of those companies that sets the industry standard for customer service and an overall awesome employee.

The majority of your customers will be regulars (unless you work in a mall, and if you do- God help your soul) and most are pretty nice. Starbucks has a "just say yes" policy that many customers know about and abuse frequently but they don't appear too frequently. You will fall in love with a few of your regulars and they will give you presents, baked goods, concert tickets etc because you brighten their day.

I loved working at Starbucks and did look forward to every day here.

Your managers (well, the ones I had) really do respect you and care about your well-being. The things some people have done for each other while working there together are amazing. Your co-workers will also be intelligent, hard-working people, for the most part, that you enjoy being around. You will probably feel very close to them in a short amount of time.

Cons- it was hard work. You bust your tail your entire shift.

The hours are crazy, inconsistent, and sometimes when you *need* money you can only get 17 hours a week.

The benefits are good- I've heard- but most people have to cancel their benefits in order to have adequate food for the month. Some people with rich spouses whose work provides expensive insurance work at Starbucks only for the affordable health insurance. But again- their spouses are rich.

The drive-thru stores are so hard to work for and have terrible turn-over because it's not for everyone. You work twice as hard as other stores for the same amount of pay and tips. It is a constant state of chaos where you cannot complete all of what you need to complete. For me, personally, I enjoyed that and it made my day go faster, but it broke people down really, really quickly. Additionally, the people who come through the drive-thrus often have little respect for you and have few social skills (asking me to name every single pastry we offer while the line builds up behind them is universally rude, as is proudly ordering 20 different venti frappuccinos).

Sometimes I want to go back, because it was the only job I've had thus far that I truly loved, but then I remember how awful the pay and the hours were. The money would not pay my student loan bills.

Starbucks is a great place to work, you just have to always be positive, give your best, and you will be amazing.
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