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From Connecticut — 02/02/2010

I worked at "my Starbucks" for 7 years. I trained at another store and then opened the store that I was hired for. I loved working for Starbucks and still say "we" when talking about the company or products. I believe the company is wonderful. However the people that get hired is a completely different story. A good Manager or District Manager should be completely objective when it comes to employees but we all know that doesn't happen, we all make friends. Those friends become favorites and get special treatment weather people realize it or not. In the Starbucks Coffee Company there is one goal THE COSTOMER. Creating the third place.
At my store I found it funny that the corporate seemed to stress about different things like the shift log, or mark outs, or the duty roster and it would go in waves of importance. That always confused me. One time it was drink timing, I was a supervisor so my assistant was timing and she told me I was of by 6 seconds try again, I was off by 7 seconds... she told me to work on that, I timed her and she was off by 52 seconds. I asked her out of the 2 of us who has to work on there timing and I walked away.
I love what the company stands for just not some of the partners.
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