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From california — 01/27/2010

Ive been working for starbucks for 2 years now and ive worked at two different stores, one was an extremely high volume store, then i moved and had to transfer to a significantly slower store. The first store I worked at was a model store, the management was amazing, everything was just fair, i've never worked somewhere where things were so fair, and although by the book, it was still fun and upbeat, and positive. I had also never worked anywhere with pay increases every six months, and significant pay increases, so i really enjoyed that. Once i transfered i realized my store was kind of one in a million because the store im at now has a ton of issues. Partners get so into each others lives when your store is slow and theres not much else to do that gossip and drama is always prevalent, even within management, its crazy the favoritism that goes on. But that all depends on your co workers and store i suppose, working in such close quarters all the time you start to create that love/hate relationship with your co workers. There is room to move up, fairly quickly too, show that youre a great partner and hard working you can become the next shift supervisor. What i think is actually cool is if you arent getting the hours you want store partners are interchangable you can work at a starbucks in the next city over to pick up shifts and things like that.
As far as corporate policies and such go the only thing that is frustrating is how often starbucks changes product or recipes and such and then youre left to explain to angry customers why we dont carry melon or energy anymore. The people making the rules are definitely not people who work in a store as a barista so they make things that could be so simple so difficult because they have no idea what its really like.
as much as i complain about our ignorant customers, or having to close, or having to open, or having to overcompensate for the lack luster partners we have hired, its a pretty good and stable job that treats us better than a lot of my friends this age (college students) have.
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