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From Seattle, WA — 01/24/2010

I worked here for four years from part of high school to college years. I did complain a lot, and so did my coworkers, but overall, I would say it was a very good experience. I think it really depends on the stores and the people you work with because I would say what made my experience so good were my coworkers (well not all of them). I loved the friendships and conversations that were formed. I loved making drinks. I loved being an expert on coffee.

However, I hated how you were basically the barista + janitor of the store. Some things like sweeping/mopping are pretty understandable, until they make you scrub the floors to get the dirt between the tiles out. I'm NOT down for that. Also, the pay wasn't awesome. It's probably better now, but it used to be just right around minimum wage. I have graduated college and now work at a pretty prestigious firm, and compared to the level of stress and demanding expectations I get there, Starbucks is a fun walk in the park. Obviously, it's hard to compare the two because Starbucks was just a job and I never even thought of it as a potential career. I'd job for younger people. I feel bad when older people work here and have to do heavy duty work.
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