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From Macon, Georgia — 01/15/2010

I worked for starbucks for about a year, it wasn't a bad company to work for, it was just the little things that make you not like it. They do hook you up with full benefits which was about 99% of the reason I even took the job. They pay was about average, and they make you earn every penny of it. The hours were long, and I worked at one right off of the interstate, so it was slam packed all the time. I wouldn't recommend this job to people who get stressed out easy or don't know how to multitask. God forbid you make a mistake or mess someones drink up, managment will have a field day on you when that happens. Your constantly being evaluated so you gotta learn how to make all those drinks fast. What got me the most was how you had to be practically on your death bed to be sent home. I went in and even told the shift supervisor that I had strep throat, and i was still made to work an 8 hour shift because they would have been understaffed. Needless to say, when I hung up the green apron, i didn't lose any sleep.
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