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From Miami, FL — 12/04/2008

Alrighty then...

Position: Barista

PAY: Here at Miami, starts at 7.15 an hour. But you also get tips, which (in general) can range from $1 to $3 (an hour), and soar to $4- $4.50 on holidays. THIS ALL DEPENDS ON THE LOCALE WHICH YOU WORK IN! However, my store is *dead* and I make about $10/hour overall. Not bad at all for making coffee. *3*

RESPECT: Many customers are what some may consider an utter pain in the neck. However, people eventually warm up to people who treat them well. It's a cycle of sorts. As for employees, there is no drama/ disrespect in my store, but I've heard some nasty stuff from other stores. It's still retail; what do you expect? *2*

BENEFITS: This is where Starbucks shows it's awesome side. Medical, dental, vision, 401k,(after 3 months, 20 hours/week), tuition reimbursement (Starbucks-related class, after 6 months, based on grades), free stock options (after 1 year, no hour requirement), 30% any Starbucks items and merch (immediately, no hour requirement), also, many little discounts from other companies. The winner here is health insurance for part-timers. SWEET! *5*

JOB SECURITY: Unless you are a total idiot, you should not have ANY problems holding on to this job. That is... no attitude issues, no stealing, no skipping work, you get the idea. It's kinda hard to let go of someone for performance/lack of sales only. (After, it costs alot to train one of you guys.) *5*

WORK/LIFE BALANCE:You get days of for asking at least 2-3 weeks in advance. There is an optimized scheduling system; however, web-based scheduling comes out in summer 09. Until then, scheduling is not perfect. *3*

CARRER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: You get what you put in. Being excellent at one thing will not get you promoted; you must demonstrate above-average everything. Then again, Starbucks hire people for being above average at everything, so if you're working there... *3*

LOCATION: My store is dead compared to others, so it is all good... I do nothing all day and get paid for it... yet the McDonald's next to my store is out the door all day... isn't life funny?! Be forewarned, however; several stores are so busy, it is NOT funny. Take a good look at the store before you apply there... c'mon, it's common sense, really! *5*

CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: Completely varies from store to store. Like in the respect field, my coworkers are good here. I've also heard some bad stuff here. *3*

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Do not let looks decieve you. Beside being a cool coffeehouse, Starbucks can get really rackety and dirty, QUICK.
My store is the exception once again (see LOCATION), but it is not immune to this happening. *4*

OVERALL: Be nice, and this job will be nice in so many ways. Good Luck! *4*
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