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3.9Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Steamboat Springs, C — 03/05/2008

Pay: Started out at $10/hr and after 6 months I recieved a $1.00 pay raise. We didn't get tips because it was against City Market regulations (the Starbucks was located in a City Market Grocery Store)

Respect: People are so snobbish about how they want their coffee to be made. It's just coffee. Some people actually told me that I was making a drink wrong and told me I should get trained properly. Then there were the people who just had no idea what they were talking about and would get mad because I didn't understand. Respect also just stems from what kind of day you're having. If it's a bad day then everyone tends to seem a little more rude. A lot of it is how you accept things.

Benefits: Starbucks didn't offer the benefits but City Market did. You had to work at City Market full-time for six months before you were eligble. I'm on my parents insurance and everything so I never looked into it.

Job Security: We were always understaffed so I never had my position threatened. I know I could go back there and get re-hired in a minute if I wanted too.

Work/Life Balance: An average week worked was about 30-40 hrs at 5 days per week. If it was your only job then you'd have plenty of time to have a life outside of Starbucks. If you're working another job or going to school full-time then you might not have as much "free time" as you'd like.

Career Potential/Growth: Not at this location.

Location: Right inside a grocery store. It's located in one of the main shopping centers of town. It's usually pretty busy, but there are def. slow times like the off season which is April-May and Sept.-early Nov.

Co-worker Competence: All of them are totally reliable. Always willing to switch shifts if need be. My manager was like a mom to me. Some people were flakes, but those people didn't stay too long.

Work Environment: Awesome, would go back.
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