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From chicago il — 08/24/2010

I worked for Starbucks for 3 and a half years and after being told countless times that I would be promoted and 3 stores later I found a better job. I eventually had to transfer again because they had stopped scheduling me and I worked roughly 15 hours a week. I did that for another year and finally quit. It was hard to do because of my history at all the stores and knowing so many people. But I was then laid off due to the economy in 09. I told myself I would never go back to the Bucks but I really needed benefits and I sort of did miss it. So I got my job back 6 months later and was interviewing for barista but wanted to be a shift. I was told it would be 6 months (apparently that was policy). That was fine and all. The pay wasnt as good as it used to be starting off but you get a raise after 6 months and tips help out. I was finally eligable for benefits after 4 months. Apparently alot of things had changed the 6 months that I was gone. You dont get vacation for a year now which really sucks and the benefits are a little more expensive but they are still great. I got my review and I really dont know what my raise was (probably 40 cents or so on top of another 25 cent cost of living). But every little bit helps. I love my coworkers and still have alot of respect for the company apart from all the cut backs bc of the economy. But there is alot of work involved but Ive been doing it for so long its whatever to me. But there are some people who are there just for the benefits going to school so they get nothing done. That and also the high turnover rate. Ive never been in a store more than 6 months and had the same crew. People just cant make it to work bc of the kids or they are still in high school so they really could care less. But there are people who really work hard bc they care about the job and some of us have to support ourselves. I did become a shift and transferred out to another store after 8 months which is awesome. The pay went up well over $10 and hour starting and a cafe stores tip rate is around $2 and hour. So I am pretty thankful for that. And really if I could make it on a barista salary (8 dollars and hour plus a 1 dollar tip rate) I think this may help out a little more and I could go to school still fr something I really want to do for a living:) I do reccomend the company still after the economy and all bc of the benefits and raises after 6 months and it is a nice working enviornment (only after peak tho ;))
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