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From Indiana — 08/16/2010

I began working for Starbucks about four months ago. I had always heard that they were a great company to work for and, at first, everything was awesome. I was quickly promoted to shift supervisor and was very proud of myself. I have to say, I almost wish I hadn't taken the promotion. There is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and I am sometimes treated as if I am stupid if I accidentally forget to do something or mess something up. I came to realize that being promoted had more to do with my open availability than with my ability as an employee. The people I work with are, honestly, very two-faced. They are incredibly nice when you're around and say really nasty things about you when you are not. They act like you're a complete idiot if you forget to stock the bathrooms before you go home at night. In their defense, they are trying only to make the work environment as pleasant as possible, but I wish they didn't have to talk so much sh*t behind each others backs. The company itself, is pretty good. I have health insurance and I believe that they really do try to be somewhat ethical with what they do. All in all, it could be worse, MUCH worse, but I wouldn't look into this as a long term position.
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