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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From New York — 11/23/2009

Let me start out by saying the pay sucks unless you know how to negotiate it. Most associates do not know how to negotiate their pay and then complain when they find out that everybody in their department is making more money than they are. Sometimes negotiation can be tough though, especially if you have a stuck up manager. Also don't expect to be paid money that you can live off of on your own, unless you are a manager in which case most of them live with a spouse that makes more money than them anyway. Oh, the raise every year is max 3% if you hit the cap amount for your job description. If you didn't you can negotiate more than 3% but usually is is around 25 cents or so depending on what you make and that is for 1 year of work. Who wants to get a 25 cents to 50 cents raise every year? Not most people.

The respect I gave a 2 along with job security because you can easily be replaced by someone else especially if they are making alot less money and doing the same amount of work. If you do your job properly you will be respected enough.

Benefits I gave a four because you just have to know how to utilize Staples for what they have and most people that work there don't. You get medical, dental, and optical - part time or full time. You also get 401K for retirement, but no pention. Car insurance, pet insurance, and house insurance. They pay a little for your college education too and it doesn't have to be in business. You also get psychiatric care if your feeling depressed from a hotline number. I am probably missing some other stuff, if anybody else works at Staples feel free to elaborate in your post.

Work Life Balance is different in every store but my store is super lenient when it comes to this. They pretty much let you take off just because its your birthday or you just want to go fishing.

The potential to grow in this company is huge, however for the little bit of pay and the alot of stress and amount of work - I don't recommend it too much.

It depends on where you work, but in New York there is literally a Staples every couple of blocks or in every town so location is not a problem.

The work environment is decent but again it depends on where your store is located. In my area we have alot of penny pinching customers that don't want to buy warranties on their product or only come for the free tech services we offer. They rarely buy attachments too, and trust me we offer constantly and one of the managers practically tries to force the customers to buy. All the associates in my store get along with each other just fine.

Co worker compentence, well that depends on what department the person works in because there are some associates more knowledgeable in another department than the one they got stuck with. Sometimes it is a big problem when it comes to sales too, especially at copycenter or the tech department because the associate will charge the wrong prices. Alot of times the associate makes everyone elses job harder and the manager on duty has to play babysitter.
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