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4.2Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Alberta — 11/07/2009

Pay- I rated this a 4, because being a 16 year old employee when just starting out, I got minimum wage- $9.75. I worked there for about 14 months and I got 2 raises, both .25 each, of which I was really happy for.

Respect- I rated this a 4 as well because even though i was only 18, my managers and other adult co workers actually treated me like an adult, and just because i was a little ditsy, they didn't think less of me for it.

Benefits- The best benefit for me was the money that Staples gave you in the form of a scholarship after you graduated. It was based on the amount of hours you worked. So basically over the 14 months i worked there, once I graduated from high school, I got something lie $1500 to go towards my schooling; this I really enjoyed.

Job Security- I rated this a 2, because even though they appreciate the work you've done there, they could easily, and would be happy too replace you with another young high school student

Work/Life Balance: I was in high school while I was working here so I was pretty dedicated to my high school volleyball team. My manager said to hand in my team's schedule as soon as i got it, and he would make sure he'd book off all those days for me, and he did! They were really flexible with the hours i had to work, and didn't get mad when I couldn't come into work because of homework, or volleyball or something like that.

Career Potential/ Growth: I rated this a 4 because after 5 months of working there I got promoted to the Copy Centre Lead, and I really saw the growth potential in the job.

Location: There's always one around!

Co-worker Competence: I rated this lower because a lot of my co workers were only 14 or 15 years old, and they were really immature about a lot of things. Also many of the older associates were useless, and I could probably do their job better, faster, and for less money.

Work Environment- There's definitely room for improvement here. At the front of the store, its great, but at the back with all the palettes, its pretty much a disaster waiting to happen.
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