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From CA — 10/30/2009

I'm a 19-year-old college student and I've been working at Staples for 11 months now.

I've only worked one job before this one which, I may add, was retail as well.

The General Manager of the store was extremely overpaid for his job. He didn't do anything but sit in his office all day and he didn't even answer calls! The two managers under him had to work twice as hard just to make up for his slack.

Most of the time the managers, in general, don't know anything they're talking about.

You have to depend on the managers for everything: lock up items, numbers, and everything else in-between. The associates are extremely dependent on the managers because the associates aren't allowed to do anything themselves.

Here in California, minimum wage is $8.00 an hour and at Staples all associates get $8.00 an hour even if you're full-time! Most benefits go to full-time people and there's more full-time positions than anything else.

Associates are expected to do 5 tasks at one time and if you don't finished you get scrutinized by managers. If you do a good job, it gets unrecognized by the manager team but if you don't do it exactly right, you hear about it. The good associates don't ever get a "Thank you" or a praise for their good work but the bad associates get recognition no matter what.

A lot of the associates who don't do their job don't get talked to about it. They often walk around, sit down, or just stand there and stare off into space.

I've worked at the front end of the store: you have to deal with cranky customers, get Rewards and if you don't, well, you suck according to the managers, keep the area clean, make everyone happy and do everyone else's job at the same time. Most of the time customers yell at the cashiers is because they didn't get the help they wanted on the sales floor so they take out their frustrations on the cashier(s).

Sometimes the lines get really long and calling for a quick check is impossible because no one wants to cashier and deal with customers...

A lot of the team are unprofessional and the managers are demanding.

Sometimes it's a good place to work because it can go by quick but often times it flat-out sucks.
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