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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From the mountains, NC — 02/12/2009

i have worked for staples since 9/08, first job out of college (because there are NO JOBS around where i live)

pay: in terms of retail, the pay is great. it would be better if they gave commission...but they dont. therefore, if you sell $3,000 in protection plans a month you make the same as the guy that called in sick all the time and text messaged all day. this does not motivate you.

respect: all of my coworkers and managers are very respectful. my GM is an awesome guy and i often wonder why he isnt in a higher position, but i think taht has alot to do with his preferences. above GM things get really political and complicated ive determined.

job security: as long as you not a total retard, you can stay on the schedule. even if you cant sell protection plans well, it is retail and there is an endless list of other stuff that needs to be done. and really, plans only apply to electronics so if you are in copy & print or office supplies they dont matter.

work/life balance: this company is VERY flexible, especially if you are on good terms with your coworkers

career potential: i dont know

location: all over, easy to find one close

coworkers: as with any place, you have good ones and bad.

work environment: great. very understanding. for retail you cant beat this

i would recommend this job
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